11 year old Tequila resting in Silver Oak American Oak Barrels is the most exclusive Ultra Premium Tequila

Asombroso is well known for making some of the most expensive and unique tequilas in the world. This masterpiece of a bottle titled “The Collaboration” is hand crafted with Milefiori glass inside the base and stopper of a crystal decanter. This sexy bottle is housed in lockable wooden humidor and it sits on a laser etched pedestal.

asombroso-tequila-2The packing is besides the point, the tequila itself is aged for 11 years unlike most other spirits. It is then double barrel aged, first for a decade in oak and then for another year in Silver Oak wineries ex- Cabernet Sauvignon American oak barrels. The barrels greatly affect the tequila giving it a rich coppery colour. The tequila tastes of honey and oak with hints of caramel and butterscotch.

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This bottle is priced at $1,800 and is definitely in a class of its own.

[Via – Drink-Wire]

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