A look at London’s Pharmacy 2 restaurant designed by Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst’s second restaurant – Pharmacy 2- is giving us serious déjà vu. Maybe it’s because it’s heavily inspired by the Brit’s first Notting Hill restaurant: Pharmacy. The restaurant is inspired by Hirst’s own 1992 artwork titled Pharmacy.

Damien Hirst’s second restaurant - Pharmacy (3)
The restaurants walls are covered with silver wall charts of pills and pharmaceutical products and everywhere you look there are images of candy colored pills. Pills are also a part of the upholstery: with tablet inspired designs embroidered onto leather banquettes and embedded into the marble floor and bar stools topped with pill-shaped seats.
Damien Hirst’s second restaurant - Pharmacy (4)
The clinical feel of the restaurant is evident in the bright lighting as well as details like the neon prescriptions sign that hangs over the bar and the sculptures that replicate molecular structures.
The restaurant is a collaboration between Hirst and chef Mark Hix and will open on February 23. Some of Hirst’s artwork will be exhibited at the restaurant as well.
Damien Hirst’s second restaurant - Pharmacy (5)

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[ Via : Dezeen ]