Created inside a brick installation, this restaurant in China lets you dine within termite like mounds

We have heeded a wave of change through the food and beverage industry in 2020 and covered “Top Restaurant Trends to Watch for in 2021’. The pandemic showed us many examples of out-of-the-ordinary eateries like a Hungarian Michelin restaurant that was moved into a Ferris wheel to enable social distancing, Singapore Airlines converting its uber-luxurious business class section on the Airbus A380 into a fine dining restaurant, and also geodesic domes but nothing comes close to the grandeur of 50%Cloud.Artists Lounge a restaurant conceptualized by Cheng Chung Design Hong Kong (CCD) and established in China’s Yunnan Province in the town of Dongfengyun. It looks right out of a fictitious saga with cavernous brick interiors, immersive land art structures by local artist Luo Xu and more. Let’s put a rest to the words and let these marvelous pictures talk for themselves:

These mushroomed red brick buildings shaped like gourds or bottles are works of local artist Luo Xu who has given the space an out-of-the-world and dated look with varying heights and widths of structures.

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Not a single steel bar or nail was used to create the solid facades or curved contours except in the curving steel doorway that welcomes guests with ambient natural light.

Such intimidating steel panels guide visitors inside and double up as an art gallery showcasing some stunning artworks.

Restaurant furniture is subdued to blend with interiors yet is discerning. The bespoke furniture and larger sculptures are designed by CCD and produced by an artist called Qi Songtao.

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The main dining room occupies the restaurant’s larger area and is spread over 330m2, where 52 people can comfortably seat them and relish the evening alongside an impressive bar.

Cool colors and curved bodies complement the natural form of the building, along with large woven lampshades that softly light the room.

The smaller 121m2 area is for private dining and successfully creates a playful environment for the guests. The chairs are upholstered in blue, grey, and taupe or covered with earthy brown leather to mingle with the red brick interiors.

A sculpture of a human head is placed inside that symbolizes local people’s wisdom and is inspired by the Buddha Hand tourist attraction in Mile City.

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