Inside Asia’s Top-5 best-designed bars

We were stunned by America and London. And decided to dive into Asia bars next! Brace yourselves for what you’re about to learn. Tipple loving Asians are getting increasingly experimental. Blame it on the trickle-down effect from the West or the snowballing penchant for luxury in general. Enter bar décor. High-end bars have seemingly mixed everything from regional culture to the western sense of adventure. The result has been an east-meets-west concoction that is as good in décor as it would be when drunk. Cue, Asia’s Top-5 best designed bars list!

5) Chefoo Island Clubhouse, China
Chefoo Island Clubhouse in China is a “glass box” reimagined. Located on the beach, the establishment exudes regal luxe and is designed by Kris Lin. The club’s main spaces include the ground floor and the basement. The tea art concept house was the main idea and inspiration behind the architect’s design.
Bronze A’ Design Award Winner in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category, the space is a sanctuary of muted colors and lavish furniture. All chandeliers and stonework, the place boasts stunning views of the surrounding locales. An evening of drinks here can clearly warrant many repeats and unforgettable experiences.

4) Tea House Bamboo Courtyard, China
China seems to be basking in the teahouse concept. More so with this bamboo dotted ‘courtyard’. Boasting not just intoxicating beverages but also views, the Tea House Bamboo Courtyard by Sun Wei of HWCD floats in a peaceful lake in the Shiqiao garden just northwest of Shanghai.
Incorporating ancient Chinese cultural and architectural traditions, it creates an environment that is succinctly contemporary. Reminiscent of 
the stocks that rise from the water, the bamboo screens create a sort of poetic symmetry, one that also helps shade the constructs in the summer and from a distance, give the complex a more natural beauty.

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3) Mute, South Korea
Breaking away from the Zen-ness of Chinese design culture is this super club in metropolis of South Korea. With events galore, it is hard to tell the place is actually quite an haute design abode. Designed by Chiho & Partners with unprecedented attention to detail, the space acquires an electric atmosphere driven by one of Asia’s most diverse and talented DJ rosters.
The groundbreaking boutique club has an ambience infused with eclectica. Metal being the harbinger of glamor here, ensures the décor has an edgy demeanor. The club’s metallic countenance also plays the perfect means for reflecting all the lighting induced colors.

2) Glam Lounge, South Korea
Nightlife seems to be on a South Korean roll. Following in the footsteps of its clubby counterpart, a.k.a. Mute is Glam Lounge. Now don’t you be fooled by the name! Unless you take it absolutely literally, that is. The place oozes nothing but unadulterated glamor. Besides Korea, we also ought to credit Chiho & Partners for making their second appearance.
Located one level below aforementioned Club Mute, a.k.a. other glitzy brainchild of Chiho & Partners, the lounge serves up a mix of fabulous drinks and décor. Adorned in black marble highlighted with deep gold accessories, the dynamic setting houses a large bullet-shaped bar. And enough luxury to lure the finest crowd of Seoul!

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1) China Rouge, Macao
We’re down to number one, reeling from the decadent diversity in Asia’s bars. This last place shows no promises of helping. Equally eclectic, Macao’s China Rouge is perhaps the lovechild of the legendary Moulin Rouge and the People’s Republic of China. A product of Alan Chan Design, the extraordinary space admittedly evokes Shanghaiʼs golden era, when it was the economic and cultural capital of Asia.
The lavish private members club not only imitates what used to be the “Paris of the East” in the 1930’s but also draws from early European culture. It’s risqué ambience recreates the nuances of the French capital that led it to invent the worldʼs first cabaret, Le Chat Noir, strengthening its status as the Southern China elite’s forbidden chamber. Its ultra-exclusive atmosphere makes sure it meets the expectations of those with discerning tastes, offering them a taste of experiences that could best be recounted only in Technicolor.

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