Chef Rene Redzepi is taking Noma to Mexico

One of the world’s most famous restaurants –Noma- is set for a move once again. The restaurant’s head chef and co-owner chef Rene Redzepi has plans to move his restaurant to Mexico next year to the resort town of Tulum. Earlier this year, the cities of Sydney and Tokyo both hosted Noma for pop-ups but it seems like Mexico is where Redzepi’s heart is.

“I consider it to be my adopted home, one filled with almost a decade of cherished memories from vacations with my family. The place that I dream about. Home to one of the most exciting cuisines I have ever tasted: as old as time and yet so relevant” said Redzepi in a letter that appears on the restaurant website.

For this new venture, Redzepi will collaborate with his former sous and pastry chef Rosio Sanchez who started up Copenhagen’s Hija de Sanchez taqueria. “As one of the most talented chefs we know, and with Mexican roots herself, she will be a great guide for us as we delve into this culture and learn from it,” Redzepi said in his letter.

According to the letter “the outdoor open-air restaurant will sit nestled between the jungle and the Caribbean Sea in Tulum. Exposed to the climate, it will be hot, steaming, and unpredictable. Billowing smoke and the orange glow of flames will define us as all cooking will take place over the fire.” That sounds both adventurous and romantic. What’s not very romantic though is the price, Noma Tulum will charge $600 USD per person plus a 16% tax and 9% gratuity. Reservations for Noma: Tulum will be available for purchase from Tuesday, December 6 from 10 am onwards. The restaurant will be open for dinner from Wednesday through Sunday each week from April 12 until May 28, 2017.


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