Diet Coke partners with Absolutely Fabulous movie for limited edition cans and bottles

Diet coke is fun, fashion, feisty. After ringing around roses with fashion designers and singers and others from the world of glamour and entertainment, well, they still continue to do that. A limited-edition Diet Coke series have hit the market with British comedy’s sweethearts, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as they pay tribute to their glory to fame, Absolutely Fabulous. This marketing gimmick comes as a trailer revving up for the launch of the Absolutely Fabulous – The Movie which will hit the cinemas on July 1. This stock will be available from Liberty London and Boots, across the nation.

The movie is expected to be the Friends of British television and anticipation is high. This partnership with hip and chic Diet Coke will give the movie all the leverage and noise before the movie’s launch. Goes to show how much the British love their sodas, no? From the tea-guzzling to beer-burping swaggers. Not bad. Wonder what the Queen has to say about this identity crisis her people are staging. But that is not the subject of the matter now, and so let us continue to focus on the awesomeness that Diet Coke engages in.

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[ Via : Packagingnews ]

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