The Rolls Royce of grapes – Straight from Japan a bunch of these Ruby Roman grapes can sell for a whopping $11,000

Continuing our ‘world’s most expensive series’ that started with the world’s most expensive, coffee, cocktails, perfumes to more odd objects like the world’s most expensive sheepdog, parasite, and the latest is the most expensive bunch of grapes. And these are seriously costly as this bunch of 24 grapes sold for $11,000 in Japan. Ruby Roman grapes are considered one of the world’s most expensive fruits and are developed in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture. The grapes are lauded for their juiciness, high sugar content, and low acidity. With such high prices attached, every grape is examined with very strict standards to be worthy of the name ruby roman. Each grape in the bunch must weight at least 20 grams and have a sugar content of at least 18 percent. Premium label, Ruby Roman grapes must weigh over 30 grams and the whole bunch must be at least 700 grams heavy. This Ruby Roman variety of the fruit was first developed in 2008, with their popularity escalating with each passing year; however, they are sold in limited numbers to help keep demand and exclusivity high. A chain of hot spring hotels got the winning bid on 24 grapes which boil down to about $458 per grape.

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It does sound rather steep even though a bite of this luscious ‘Dream grape’ explodes abundant sweetness filling your mouth with an unforgettable flavor. The grapes are also purchased for the Chinese gift exchange culture that helps to demonstrate how special the recipients are for them by giving them something truly exceptional and expensive.

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