This vending machine in Japan sells six selections of delicious ramen. Two are from Michelin guide restaurants

Japan has recently unveiled its newest vending machine at the Aris Shopping Center in Toyama City to dispense frozen goods. I am actually shocked this type of vending machine didn’t already exist in a nation that’s ravenous about ramen. The vending machine sells six kinds of frozen ramen created by select restaurants across Japan. Dubbed “Local Ramen Selection” the device will aid in satiating your ramen cravings on the go with two of the six types of ramen coming from celebrated Michelin Guide-listed restaurants. There is the comforting chicken and salt-based ramen from Junkstory in Osaka and also the mellow chicken soy sauce-based ramen from KaneKitchen Noodles in Tokyo.

Hungry already? There are few other picks of local ramen from uncommon areas of Japan, like the “Fuji Noodles” from Keishōken in Gunma and Toyama’s own black pepper tonkotsu ramen from Tonkotsu Ebisuko all available at one press of a machine and at one spot. There is something in store for everyone, even those with a bit of a sweet tooth. In addition to ramen, there are numerous dessert choices, such as ice cream bars.

Of all the vending machines we have come across (a pretty solid selection), right from the classy Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine in NYC to a jewelry vending machine, we have seen some sorted some truly outlandish variants. There was once a vending machine of supercars and even gold. However, with K-pop ruling the world and our hearts, a ramen-vending machine is a sure favorite.

[Via: Teche Blog]

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