Check out this jewelry vending machine in New York’s SOHO district

A glimpse inside MZ Wallace’s flagship store in New York’s posh SoHo district and you’ll discover a new resident; Marla Aaron’s fine jewellery vending machine. The vending machine is currently sharing space with MZ Wallace’s luxury goods.

Marketed as Valentine’s Day installation, this would mark the jewellery designer’s first retail collaboration.

The concept is clear; customers, who visit the store to purchase MZ Wallace totes and bags, can swiftly dabble through the jewellery selection that ranges from $125 to $1,496.50. The styles in the vending machine have been hand-picked by MZ Wallace cofounder Lucy Wallace Eustice and the designer.

In order to make it even more interesting, an adorable short film, Love Is Everything, has been displayed on the vending machine’s screen.
Aaron has already witnessed a successful run with her vending machine, which has proved to be a distinctive experience so far, after her stints at the Brooklyn Museum and William Vale Hotel in New York.


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