Burn cash and calories – Dior has collaborated with Technogym for a gorgeous line of home fitness equipment.

It’s been a while we came across some OTT Dior accessories. We were almost afraid that Dior has decided to play it safe in a post-pandemic world, and we won’t get to see the likes of the sassy limited-edition Vespa 946 Christian Dior anymore. However, it is good to see Dior get its groove back for the sake of our bodies. Put your hands together for the “Dior Vibe” line, a collaboration between the iconic fashion house with Technogym, one of the world’s leading specialists in high-end sports equipment. Sooner than later, if your pockets allow it, you will find a treadmill, weight bench, and gym ball adorned with the Christian Dior logo.

The talented Maria Grazia Chiuri has designed the Dior Vibe sportswear line. The pandemic has made us a lazy lot, and with Dior releasing a line of exercise equipment, I am left with no more excuses. The result is, in fact, quite the opposite; if getting up from that couch will land me on a Dior Treadmill, I will indeed walk for miles. Needless to say, the Italian fashion house has outfitted the treadmill with state-of-the-art electronic features. The multifunctional weight bench, on the other hand, comes complete with accessories like dumbbells and a gym ball.

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Each item from the Dior Vibe collection sports a white design focused around the Dior star. Hybebeast reports Nerio Alessandri, Founder of Technogym and Wellness Designer, mentioning, “This shared goal of excellence gives life to a limited series of innovative Technogym products interpreted with the Maison Dior’s unique allure. Created to inspire the concept of wellness with new generations, it also offers people the opportunity to live a unique and irresistible experience.”

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Your calories can stay snug and safe inside your bodies till January 2022, when the Dior x Technogym Dior Vibe exercise equipment will be available worldwide. There is no information on pricing yet, but it will cost you more than blood, sweat, and tears.

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