Home Office Trike: A mobile workstation for workaholics

Workaholics who just can’t keep their minds off work, here is the perfect home office that will follow you wherever you go. Known as the Home Office Trike, this unique office on wheels (three wheels actually) is a multifunctional piece of furniture that turns into a mobile workstation. Just pull it around with you when you go to the park or a picnic, and you are all set to work from anywhere. The top flips open to reveal several compartments. Delicately inbuilt wooden drawers with smooth contours will open to the front and sides. Since I am anything but a workaholic, I would definitely not consider investing in this mobile workstation. Check out more images…….

But for workaholics who need to be in constant contact with their work, this movable workstation is definitely a great option.
Priced at $2,200, the Home Office Trike measures 20″D 16″W 28″H in size and is available here.

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