Vision One Computer Workstation is the most luxurious desk

Nobody can refuse a stylish and comfortable workstation. But there are very few who can actually afford this luxury. And for these lucky few, here is the latest and most luxurious workstation that goes by the name Vision One Computer Workstation. Configurable with padded armrests, speaker stands, mousepads, mounting hardware for one to three monitors, and even a Porsche (or any other) car seat for your computing comfort, this is definitely a class apart. Since it’s a custom-built system, you can specify wooden tabletops, power-adjustable seating just like in a car and lots of colors! Your wish is their command. So go on and think of more ways to get your workstation to resemble your favorite car. The most modern and ultra-luxe computer desk will make sure you never leave it. Rollover for more images…….

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So if this workstation is what you seek, make sure you have enough moolah to spare as the price for the flagship model starts at $2600.

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