Roger Tallon’s Model M400 Helicoid Staircase is up for grabs

If you are not from France, the name Roger Tallon may not ring a bell. One of the leading figures of French industrialization since the 1950s, his contributions in the French National Railway service and other industrial concerns can definitely not be overlooked. The genius man was also the brain behind the Helicoid Staircase. The beautiful spiral staircase is truly amazing. And an old furnishings store in London, Decoratum, is offering Roger Tallon’s adjustable helicoid staircase christened the model M400 for sale. The aesthetically beautiful staircase made in 1964 boasts of a central steel pole on which nineteen aluminum steps and one wide landing stair (that allows a staircase of up to 400 cm or possibly even two smaller staircases) are strung. The steps boast of a rubber surface. Not only are these unique staircases space-saving, but they are also aesthetically beautifully blending perfectly with your classy décor. Simply exquisite, the Model M400 staircase is in good condition and has recently been polished.

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The staircase measures 7.87 in. in height, 12.2 in. in depth, and 29.53 in. in width/length. Interested folks can purchase the staircase at the Decoratum store, located on 13/25 Church Street in London. Price is available on request only.

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