The 3 kg Cire Trudon Les Belles Matières Reggio candle is a wonderfully worthy indulgence

Scents have a powerful calming effect on us all and even more so when it’s coming out of a luxury candle. The easiest way to feel rejuvenated in the comforts of your home is to pamper yourself with the best-smelling candles that come in divine fragrances. The Reggio Limited Edition Perfumed Candle is one such perfect peace-giving companion by Cire Trudon. The brand has illuminated and scented the finest rooms in the world and now brings to us the benefits of the Les Belles Matières collection. Centuries of expertise and beautiful materials amalgamate to give us the gift of light and fragrance in the form of the gorgeous Reggio candle, inspired by the eponymous city of Southern Italy. Take a deep breath and notes of grapefruit and mandarin an homage to the thousand-year-old citrus trees that grow along its shores will fill your soul with unmatched repose.

For those who just can’t get enough of this beautiful object there is a massive 3 kg variant of this perfumed candle made with premium quality vegetal wax in respect to the environment. The Les Belles Matières Reggio Limited Edition Perfumed Candle is strikingly attractive, crafted to perfection by glass artisans and decorated with an intricate gold shield. Candle-lovers will be left wanting more even after 300 hours of burn time; after all who can ever have enough of the intoxicating fragrance of grapefruit, mandarin essential oil and mimosa in the air? Cire Trudon Les Belles Matières Reggio Candle (3kg) sells for $630 and is made in France.

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[Available at: Harrods]

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