Understated luxury at its finest – Bentley introduces the newent furniture collection

A home is made of several wonderful elements coming together. Most of these are intangible and priceless but some of them are wonderfully tangible and heavily contribute to beautifying the interiors of your private space. Trust Bentley to come up with top-notch solutions for not just your cars but also your homes. In fact if there is even a thought of redecoration lingering in your mind then you must have a look at Bentley Home’s latest offering, the Newent Collection that includes exquisite furniture that was individually finished by hand. The stunning pieces take inspiration from the silhouettes and iconic shapes of Bentley models so much so that they are crafted using the precious materials that are found in the car interiors. You will find use of veneers, hues and materials that immediately reflect Bentley’s core luxury and performance elements. The pieces are brought to life by talented Italian architects and designers Carlo Colombo. Speaking about the Newent Collection, it features a sofa that matches a stunning armchair, chair and bed. You can also choose a fully upholstered piece of furniture in your choice of sumptuous leather or fabric, or with a veneered frame.

All designs of Bentley Home Newent Collection are available in subtle hues, the best quality walnut briarwood design, wherein the frame envelops the curved profile of the sofa, highlighting and enhancing the different angles that characterize its elegant shape. These curved shapes are perfected by use of high-frequency machine presses. It would interest you to know that both Bentley Home and Bentley motors use the flat press machine to bond the veneers to the support and follow the same process for veneer preservation. High standard raw materials combined with meticulous machinery and processes ensure a top-quality product for your home in unquestionable quality.

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