Good times are here: Hotel Zena, Washington will be the first of it’s kind hospitality establishment dedicated to women empowerment

Come spring 2020, the winds of change in Washington, D.C will blow harder than ever. I am referring to the change in the world of hotels and of women too. Their emancipation, feminism, and everything in between are not only being highlighted but getting an entire hotel celebrating female empowerment through provocative art, design, and exciting and relevant programming. This hotel in question is Hotel Zena by Viceroy Hotel Group, and even before it is ready and standing tall; they have found a fan in me. The hotel does seem like the first of its kind hotel where feminine strength is celebrated by all genders, races, and sexualities. It is a haven for the liberated forward thinker, a place where you can revel in common and profound beliefs. So what can one expect at the Hotel Zena other than like-minded people? Like its other Viceroy Hotel Group counterparts, this one will be a high-style boutique hotel with 191 edgy rooms, eccentric personalities, and contextual, culturally significant vibes. It’s as good on the inside as it is outside; the location is an absolute hotspot for vibrant music venues, funky galleries, and trendy boutiques.

The hotel is no less than an exhibition of great women’s accomplishment, having said that a mural of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a given. Women guests will enjoy leisure time at salons and live music, plus a makeover by Seattle firm Dawson Design Associates that will inject the place with “rebellious and defiant yet playful energy. You can enjoy cocktails and conversations with your girlfriends at the cocktail-led lobby bar offering small plates and seasonal snacks. To enjoy an evening of fun with breathtaking views of the city’s skyline, head straight to the 14th-floor rooftop pool. Hotel Zena will be located at the nexus of Downtown D.C. and Logan Circle, Washington, D.C.’s most desirable neighborhood.

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