Marriott creates a hotel room that defies gravity

Hotel rooms are no longer just bed and breakfast – that is really passé. So many fun things to do at a hotel than just think of sleep and food. Like, defying gravity maybe? Marriott has come up with something that will make you look at things from a different perspective – thanks to its Gravity Room. Sounds like a sci-fi movie, right? By the looks of it, you might even feel like being in one. New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge unveiled its ‘inverted replica of a guest room’ which is a temporary installation meant to be “part interior design showpiece, and part social media event”. All part of the brand image building. This works out fine because it is getting of attention.

This room, which is turned at a 90-degree angle so the floor and ceiling serve as walls, has a desk, a bed, a model of a glass-walled shower and sink, and a flat screen TV. Those who check-in are urged to share their experience using the hashtag #MGravityRoom. Check out their Instagram handle to see some really cool images.

[ Via : Psfk ]

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