Peninsula Tokyo debuts Pokémon-themed augmented reality quest

Starting tomorrow, a unique interactive Pokémon themed experience will debut exclusively at the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo. It has been designed in collaboration with The Pokémon Company for the hotel’s younger guests. The little ones are sometimes the pickiest customers who easily tend to get bored in the otherwise serious environment of the luxury hotels; but this tailor-made accommodation plan called “Pokemon Hotel Adventure: The Power of Ten” will keep them busy, and most importantly happy! Pokemon, for nearly two decades, has been hugely popular with kids and the franchise has used different ingenious ways to reach out to the target audience; but this Pokemon-themed interactive experience is a first of its kind.

pageboy-pikachu-plush-dollGuests of all ages five and up can be a part of this experience by donning a Pikachu hat and, equipped with a Poke Ball, set forth on an imaginative hotel-wide quest to seek out Various Pokemon characters who have gone missing. The experience has been designed in a way in which customers can enjoy playing a deputy investigator while following a digital and interactive trail to seek out the missing characters at the time of check-in. The activity begins once registered guests have collected their set of adventure goods from the front desk and ends in a secret chamber deep within the hotel and specially designed for a climactic ending. Advanced optics technology has been used to create an augmented experience of reality. Upon completion of the experience, players will be rewarded with an original Pikachu doll. “We wanted to collaborate with a global Japanese brand to develop an innovative and fun activity for our guests,” said Malcolm Thompson, general manager of The Peninsula Tokyo. “It needed to be unique and a first in the market. We have already received bookings from families,” he said. “What is wonderful is that many people who grew up with Pokémon are now adults and as a result we have also received bookings from guests without children.”

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