Rooms at the iconic Trump International Hotel in Washington DC are $7,500 cheaper for the night than they were exactly a year ago.

Via Facebook / @Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.

The Trump International Hotel Washington DC has always been considered a historic landmark. It has always enjoyed great reviews and accolades instead of its owner, Donald Trump. Generally, this Best of the Best Hotel in the United States (based on excellent 2020 traveler reviews) gives a standard room for $700 a night. Back in December 2020, when Trump announced a “big protest” in D.C., the room rates swelled from $476 to $1,999. Pivoting on certain explosive events, these rates saw a tremendous incline and decline. According to Forbes, in only a week, they clambered to $3,600. In no time, the least-expensive room at the iconic Trump International Hotel Washington D.C. was given for $8,000 a night.

The once bustling Benjamin Bar Lounge now bears a deserted look. Via Facebook / @Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.

From a packed house, outstanding room service records, and an incredible demand, 2021 told a different story today. A year later, in Jan 2022, people have no significant interest left in Donald Trump or his hotel as a room at Trump’s D.C. hotel can be had for as little as $446. That’s a massive drop making the room nearly $7,500 cheaper. Forbes also shared a screenshot showing this same rate is seen almost every other night at the hotel over the next two months. There is no denying that whatever Trump does immediately impacts his businesses. The Hotels also suffered when the travel industry’s most influential luxury travel agency, Virtuoso, removed all Trump hotels and resorts from its network in March 2021.

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Via Facebook / @Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.

Virtuoso quietly eliminated all 10 Trump-branded hotels and resorts from its list of preferred partners without much hype, severely hindering Trump’s hotel management and licensing business. It was already down $24 million since 2019, as well as his golf resorts in Miami and Europe, were down by $120 million. For those who have always wanted to stay at the exclusive Trump International Hotel, this rate drop poses good news only for you!

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