Why should kids have all the fun? FAO Schwarz partners with Conrad New York for a toy-filled suite

Who wouldn’t want to live like Kevin McCallister in a swanky hotel room with unlimited comfort, candy, toys and more? Good thing then someone out there is going to make this fantasy come true. Iconic toy company FAO Schwarz in New York City has partnered with the newly opened Conrad New York Midtown to create a special hotel suite immersed with oversized toys, baskets full of candy and experience even adults wouldn’t want to pass. This is the first time a hotel has ever collaborated on a suite with the famed toy brand so it’s expected they will be bringing the big toy-guns out. It will be like Disneyland in a room though the room isn’t nearly as big as an amusement park it is still sprawling. The 1,800-square-foot suite will house a toy gourmet kitchen, train sets, the dance-on piano, working DJ turntables and also hobby horses. The grandeur of this wonderland is augmented with the presence of 8- to 10-foot-tall stuffed animals, including the iconic giraffes, as well as unicorns, bears, gorillas, and orangutans.

Our most favorite inclusion in this playful affair has to be the playable toddler-sized “baby” grand piano. Kids will love playing with larger-than-life nutcracker soldiers, vintage Barbie dolls, and entertaining musical instruments, including guitars, drums, and a Bluetooth microphone. Too good to be true right? The catch is this suite is shoppable, so if your kids fall in love with something you’re going to end up buying it. Anything the guests choose to purchase or are forced to buy will be shipped directly to their home. There is no age limit for guests, but if a toy is damaged they will be charged for it.

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