Ringl Fine Carbon Fibre Jewelry Collection launched

We’ve seen carbon fiber used in umpteen number of products, starting from phones, wheels, and helmets to even sled, among others. And now, from the makers of Cardissimo Carbon Fibre Business Card, the material crosses all boundaries, launching in an interesting avatar – fine jewelry. The manufacturing force behind this is Ringl, a UK-based family-owned firm. What makes the jewelry collection exclusive is its special carbon fiber, which is unlike the rest. The company-processed fiber is unique; for 16 years, extensive research has perfected its manufacture, producing a more refined and elegant grade suitable for the finest jewelry.

The exceptional quality of Ringl special carbon fiber has been made possible only by its unique high frequency welding and laser-engraving procedures. Thus combining the newly manufactured material with diamonds and gold to create intrinsic and stunning jewelry designs.

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The Fine Carbon Fiber Jewelry Collection from Ringl comprises several limited-edition rings and bracelets for both men and women; this exquisite collection has been handcrafted in Austria with utmost precision and care, giving it the opulence rightly deserves.

The pricing for the rings and bracelets ranges from $2,300 (EUR 1,760.00) to $24,160 (EUR 18,500) without VAT.

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[Via – Ringl]

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