City’s iconic Metro Cinema get a high tech makeover from Barco

Metro Cinema has been a longstanding institution in the city of Mumbai. Having gone through several changes over the years, the beautiful art deco cinema still gracefully manages to retain its old world charm and aura. The recent upgradation of the cinema by globally-renowned technology company Barco has been instrumental in catapulting one of Mumbai’s most favorite cinemas into world class territory. The association of Big Cinemas and Barco is not a new one with Barco DP2K projectors and Barco post-production projectors being extensively used in its theaters for numerous years now.

With the installation of the state-of-the-art Auro 11.1 by Barco – an unparalleled sound design system, Big Cinemas has ensured the enhancement of the average cinema-going experience by leaps and bounds. Movies are no longer regarded as a visual-only medium and a good quality sound system ideally complementing the images on screen is imperative, as Marketing Head at Metro Cinema Shirish Srivastava puts it, “Auro 11.1’s unique, three-layer approach evokes impactful and lifelike sound unlike anything I’ve heard before. It is perfectly in line with our aspiration to offer a complete, immersive experience.” The decision to go with Barco was an easy one for Big Cinemas, “After witnessing the Auro 11.1 demonstration at the Whistling Woods Institute last month, we knew that Barco could help us with more than just visualization.”

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Bollywood too has eagerly embraced the impressive sound design technology with open arms. Brian Claypool, Barco’s senior director strategic business development, digital cinema says, “We are very happy to see renowned theaters all over India recognize the unique differentiating features of the platform. In India’s booming cinema industry, offering an unmatched experience can make all the difference.”

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