Indian Rail coaches get a complete makeover

Railway travel in India is about to undergo a major upgrade, from the dull and unkempt look that our coaches sported, we will now be treated to swanky, bright and well equipped coaches that will be comparable to its counterparts all across the globe.

This project of revamping the coaches and making rail travel more comfortable and pleasurable than it is right now comes under the “Make in India “ scheme. The Union Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, has proudly released a few pictures of the first look of these coaches.
A far cry from our coaches, the new ones promise to be jerk free and have the latest amenities in them. The coaches are visibly more spacious and have bigger side berths. They sport LED reading lights and are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes when compared to our existing coaches. Some will have a bio toilet system installed in them while the others toilets have been designed in a way by which they are easy to clean and remain dry. The berths will also be easier to access unlike right now which requires you to practically be a gymnast if you need to haul yourself on the top bunk. With bright colours and eye catching prints the entire look of the coach is completely altered and eye catching.
According to reports, the Indian Railways plans on building at least 100 such coaches, of which 87 would be non AC , 17 coaches for AC tier 3, 5 coaches for AC tier 2 and one for AC first class and chair car each. The AC will cost approximately INR 70 lakhs, while the sleeper coaches will cost approximately INR 49 lakhs.
Pack your bags, buy your train tickets and get ready for the new, glamorous coaches to take you to your destination. This is sure to give competition to air travel with it being value for money and at the same time ritzy and comfortable.

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