Review – A S(k)inful indulgence at the Jiva Grande Spa, Taj Wellington Mews, Colaba

As someone who constantly has a lot on her mind, I relish a soothing body massage, hydrotherapy and anything involving aroma oils to emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed, glowing and thoroughly energized. It was another stressful week with projects galore and I was lusting for a relaxing massage when I received an invitation from Jiva Grande Spa to indulge in their signature Sushupti – a two-hour body exfoliation and relaxation treatment. The timing could not have been better…

Taj Club & Jiva Spa - Relaxation Area-1
I was warmly welcomed with a traditional Namaste (my therapist later explained to me this means “I bow to you” in Sanskrit and is a form of extending friendship in love and humility.) I quickly checked in by filling a form which included the usual details such as name, age, medical history, etc. Of course, I wouldn’t be me without a really good nose around the spa before my treatment. Laila, Senior Spa Manager offered me a tour of the facility which included three floors – gym, spa, and a relaxation area!

Their spa facility is located on the first level with six treatment rooms and a wet area which has a steam room, a Jacuzzi, and a chill pool.

Thoroughly impressed and after a Thank You to Laila, I was now ready for my spa ritual. It started out with an induction to the Jiva way of life. I was advised to first shower and then use the Jacuzzi followed by a steam. This helps open the pores and gets you ready for your relaxation massage. Before my treatment could begin, I was offered a glass of warm herbal tea infused with ginger, honey and basil. That alone opened my senses and I could feel my mind at ease. The best was yet to come…

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Muantei, my spa therapist led me to my relaxation treatment room. Soft lighting, relaxing instrumental music, the scent of aroma oils; I could already feel my stress levels easing. She then folded her hands into a Namaste and softly whispered ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ (Our guest is our God) and proceeded to welcome me with a floral foot bath made from essential oils, ginger and fennel; a sign of respect before welcoming guests to their Jiva ritual.

My therapist’s soft hands next apply a mask made of 22 herbs with green gram powder, honey and fresh cream to help exfoliate the dead skin. She then proceeded to wrap me in cotton sheets to let the mask absorb into my body. The sheets and the hydro-therapy bed envelop you to form a cocoon of sorts and you are literally wrapped like an Egyptian mummy. I am now at a point where all I can feel is nothingness and gradually nod off into a blissful state.

After around 30 mins or so I hear soft footsteps which awakens me from my trance like state. My therapist unwraps all the layers and leads me to a floral bath of milk, rose essence and rose petals. Cleopatra style except that instead of a bath tub, I had to use a brass bucket and mug. An idea I did like cos I’m all for saving water.

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The first phase of the treatment over, I was next ushered into the relaxation massage room. My therapist starts to massage my body with Jiva’s signature relaxing blend of Frankincense, Palmarosa, Indian Rosewood, Amla and Brahmi. The warm oil felt delicious on my skin and I lay comfortably as the therapist applied light pressure on my back, legs, arms and neck easing any built up tension from stress. Her experienced hands massaged away knots I never even knew existed. She then applied a hot compress on my back and legs to help the oils infuse and also aid as deep relaxation ritual. A facial massage using oils specially created for the face ended my one-hour ritual. Needless to say, I emerged feeling relaxed, balanced and energized. Exactly what I would have wished for.

Jiva Grande Spa from Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces offers unique Indian signature spa therapies created from a selection of age old remedies and rituals. All products used at Jiva Grande Spas are natural and hand-blended. Their Sushupti treatment costs INR 7000. An excellent option if you want to de-stress and feel relaxed. Jiva also offers signature wraps, facials, yoga & Ayurveda treatments.

Where: Jiva Grande Spa
Taj Wellington Mews, Luxury Residences
N. Parekh Marg, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Tel: 91-22-22881200

9 am to 9 pm daily

The Luxe factor is

8 Ambience
9 Treatment
9 Products used
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