6 meters tall and shimmering with 8000 silver-leaf leaves – Take a look at fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg’s Christmas tree

The six-metre tall creation, featuring more than 8,000 shimmering silver-leaf leaves and 150 glass hearts, continues festive collaboration with leading fashion designers

The Christmas tree in Claridge’s hotel in Mayfair has long been a London festive landmark – and a “playground” for design visionaries.

The five-star hotel’s annual Christmas tree collaboration began in 2009 and has previously seen creations by John Galliano while head designer at Dior, former Burberry design chief Christopher Bailey and Alber Elbaz while creative director at Lanvin.

Last year’s creation, imagined by Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld, featured an upside-down tree.

This year, sartorial virtuoso and businesswoman Diane von Furstenberg took up the torch in crafting the iconic tree.

Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg stands beside her Christmas tree in the lobby.

Von Furstenberg, whose eponymous fashion brand’s logo is a pair of lips, was previously known as Princess Diane of Furstenberg following her marriage to ex-husband Prince Egon von Furstenberg of Germany.

The Christmas tree, titled “The Tree of Love”, is situated in the hotel’s lobby and was inspired by the American-Belgian designer’s enthusiasm and the strong belief in the power of love and reflects ancient traditions of the astrological world.

“Its roots come from the Earth, its branches extend to the sky,” she says.

“The flowers become fruits, the colour of the leaves reveal the seasons. Home to birds, shade for children, and shelter for lovers.

“It is the symbol of strength, enlightenment and life … every tree is the Tree of Love.”

Claridge’s six metre-high Christmas tree.

The six-metre (20-foot) tall Christmas tree, tinted with a blue iridescent lustre, features more than 8,000 hand-painted silver-leaf leaves, glass spheres, and 150 hand-blown glass hearts.

Six silver-leaf animals sit in or under the tree – an owl representing knowledge and wisdom, a dove for peace, a horse equating strength and endurance, a deer to symbolise gentleness, a peacock representing beauty, and a mouse epitomising curiosity – qualities that have influenced the designer’s fashion portfolio over the years.

Note – This story was originally published on SCMP and has been republished on this website with permission.