A Japanese superfan is left heartbroken after he purchased a total of 197 tickets for $42,000 only to learn about the Olympics spectator ban

In hopes of beating the world record for attending the most Olympic events, 45-year-old real estate businessman Kazunori Takishima bought tickets worth almost $41,700. The Japanese superfan was obviously dejected on learning that a spectator ban at most events will put a brake on his plans to enjoy the Tokyo Olympics with friends and family. The sports enthusiast truly deserves the title of being a super fan as he has attended every summer and winter Games in the past 15 years.

Kazunori Takishima with his purchased tickets.

With this year’s purchase of 197 tickets, he hoped to break the world record for seeing the greatest number of ticketed Olympic events in a lifetime. Like Covid-19 ruined many memorable moments for people worldwide, it didn’t spare Takishima either, who watched the opening ceremony outside the Olympic Stadium on his phone on Friday, cheering and applauding with a crowd of other fans.

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Kazunori Takishima commented, “I’m relieved that the opening ceremony is being held. I’m so glad. There’s a part of me that still thinks maybe I can go inside venues somehow,’ he said. Not only does he miss watching the games this year, but he also couldn’t fulfill his dream of breaking the Guinness World Record for attendance at Olympic events. Takishima will get his money back but feels there’s no compensation for losing the chance to cheer on Japanese athletes competing on home turf.

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Opening ceremony of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Via – Instagram – @olympics

The current record is 128 held by another superfan, and Takishima had planned to be at 28 events this summer, for a lifetime total of 134 sessions. However, it is good to see the man harbor true sportsman spirit as he said, “I’ll be going to the Olympics until I die, so I’ll be breaking the record every time.”

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