A 3D replica of your fetus serves as a prenatal memorabilia

We spoke about the possibility of having a hologram based avatar of you by the year 2045. Now Japanese engineering firm Fasotec and partners Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic brings to you a similar idea of creating a 3D based replica of a human life form – the fetus of your unborn child! For $1200 you can step into the Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic for your routine MRI and step out with a 90x60x40mm dimension model of your unborn child – a prenatal memorabilia or what?

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The fetus is first photographed using MRI and the resulting image data processed using special 3D software. A 3D printer is then used to construct the model, using clear resin for the mother’s body and white resin for the fetus. The position, posture and appearance of the baby appear exactly as it does in the mother’s uterus. We can’t wait to tell you that the brilliant, although outlandish, model of the baby comes seated in a posh white jewelry box.
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