At $300 million the latest Bond film ‘Spectre’ could be most expensive reveals Sony hack

The new hot topic in the entertainment world that has been making a lot of buzz lately relates to Sony’s controversial documents made public by hackers. Latest emails leaked show MGM studios wanted to cut costs of what would be one of the most expensive films ever. The next James Bond movie, Spectre, is reportedly over budget and on track to become the most expensive films ever made at a cost of more than $300 million. MGM president Jonathan Glickman sent an internal memo in November stating the budget for the film ‘sits in the mid USD 300 million”. “We recognise that this movie needs to build on the past few films and there are expectations we must meet for the audience. Still, we must find further cuts. This is not about ‘nickel-and-diming’ the production,” said Glickman.

The article outlines several suggestions mentioned by Glickman to help lower expenditure. Suggested cuts included reducing the number of train carriages in a fight scene from four to three, and dropping a planned ending in the rain to save on special effects. Additional suggestions included shooting a night scene, when the characters are supposed to be in a villa in Rome, in London. The emails also show responses from Eon’s Barbara Broccoli, who is producing and who refuses to cut down on the number of train carriages and says she “cannot find the cemetery or villa in the U.K.” The emails have not been confirmed as genuine but are part information released online by Guardians of the Peace – a hacking group many experts believe is linked to North Korea.

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[Via – Hollywood-Reporter]

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