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The rest of the world should just acknowledge that Japan seems to do everything better, even movie theaters! ‘Let’s Cinepark’ in the town of Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture has introduced a seating option that makes freezing cinemas a cozy and fun experience by introducing Box Premium Seats.

They are large rectangular cubicles with plush upholstery and a kotatsu, a table with a heather underneath it. Attached to the table is a thick blanket which moviegoers can use to snuggle up when the temperature starts to dip. It’s like watching movies in bed, but on a big screen! Only two screening rooms in the cinema are configured with box premium seats, but these rooms usually show the most popular and crowd-pleasing films so nobody is missing out.

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If anything could be an improvement over cramped cinema seats it’s definitely this option. Since you’ll get pretty up close and personal with your companion, better book tickets with someone you know well. This isn’t a first date kinda place!


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