Complete with color coded room and a monogram trunk – Louis Vuitton’s new dollhouse is just adorable

This happened- Louis Vuitton has just launched a completely adorable dollhouse! Now two things will follow up positively; one that you would yearn to transform into a child and number two is to get the new LV dollhouse for your child asap. Both ways you get to play with what could easily be the best plaything of 2020. Called, Maison Vivienne Dollhouse, its the cutest thing we have seen coming out of the French luxury brand that gives you an opportunity to share your love (read: obsession) for Louis Vuitton with your child. The Malle Maison Vivienne was designed as a collection piece and is standing proof of Louis Vuitton’s unmatched craftsmanship. Pieces like iconic Louis Vuitton Courrier Lozine and wardrobe trunks were replicated in miniature sizes which are the highlight of the entire set. Other elements are a three-story residence featuring color-coded rooms, a rooftop lounge along with 22 pieces of furniture like a mini wardrobe, 2 trunks, 4 chairs, and more. Maison Vivienne Dollhouse also includes several petite homages to Louis Vuitton’s signature quatrefoil motif. No dollhouse can be complete without a doll and Louis Vuitton has generously given us two Vivienne dolls. Its a beautiful creation shaped like a trunk that stands nearly foot and a half tall and completely covered with a Monogram canvas exterior, natural cowhide leather handles, and brass metallic pieces.

Of the two Vivienne dolls included, one doll can be placed on the top of the box and fixed with a strap to isolate it from the other contents, the other can be securely placed in the box. Too excited for this one right? Price for Malle Maison Vivienne is available upon request at

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[Available at: Louis Vuitton]

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