Crystograph Bogner ski helmet titan edition dazzles with 20,000 Swarovski crystals

It’s snowing quite heavily in most places that experience snow fall, which basically means, that its time to dust out your designer skis and hit the snow peaks! Whether you got lightweight, titanium, leather or auto-car branded ones are not what you are looking for, and need a little bling to go with your shining new skis, pick up the Crystograph Bogner ski helmet titan edition which comes adorned with 20,000 Swarowski crystals. Designed by head designer Petria Kwon, the centre of the helmet is a Crystal Silver Shade pattern making the helmet harder than other crystals. On the sides the helmet features Jet Hematite. On the front, the helmet comes encrusted with Golden Shadow and Black Diamond. These shimmering helmets will be priced at $19,900 a piece.
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Thanks Petria Kwon

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