Ferrari da Varese renders limited edition Bugatti Type A pens

A man’s style statement reflects in his taste of accessories, especially his shoes and his pens. And if your man has a personality to die for, why not add a little bit of charisma for good measure? Move over Bentley, take a look at the Bugatti Type A by Ferrari da Varese, a limited edition model designed by Luigi Trenti instead. The stunning limited edition will have 499 fountain pens and 499 rollers with the Bugatti logo at the base of the barrel along with a hand lacquered in black to make the branding stand out on the grey-colored body of the pen!

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The body has been crafted in Aluminum and stainless steel grip, and comes with multi layer nickel, sterling silver, palladium, and platinum plating for long lasting use. The pen has three sapphire glasses similar to those in watches for a royal elegant look, and a brilliant 18kt gold nib coated with rhodium coated 18kt gold and ruby stone for elegance.
To ensure that the ink never spills out of the pen, it spots a spring clip mechanism and double bayonet closure on both the cap and grip of the pen. The boxed packing weighs 1320 grams and is 250 mm long, 100 mm high and 80mm wide. It complements the pen completely in its Grey and beige color scheme and Aluminum and leather finish. It also spots an ornamented logo.
The total weight of the pen is 95 grams and it is 160mm long, 24mm wide and spots an 18mm diameter. The pen is priced at $15,000 each

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