Five Reasons You Should Own An RTH Firearm’s Rifle Now

The long-range shooting industry has grown significantly over the last three years, with more rifles, optics, bi-pods and shooting apps being sold than ever before.

There are also more women entering the field who are, in many ways, outperforming the men. There are few sports that require a combination of focus, endurance, knowledge of the physical sciences and mind and body control — long-range shooting requires all of these skills. And, there is something tremendously satisfying in being able to control the flight path of a powerful bullet traveling at 3,000 feet per second and striking a target 1,000 yards down range.

The costs required to participate in this sport are high, but many hunters, recreationalists and competitors understand that it is far better to purchase the best equipment upfront than to spend twice as much later as their performance skills reaches higher levels.

5. Like a fine painting, a classic car, this firearm is investment grade:
RTH Firearm rifles are an investment and the buyer ought to know that he or she is buying one of the best firearms the industry can produce. See

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4. Light weight and fast on the draw:
The Lapua and Creedmoor 6.5 rounds provide longer barrel life and have light recoil. Neither of these cartridges has been successfully integrated into a semi-auto platform until now. Nor, has anyone developed a carbon fiber hand guard like RTH Firearms it is light weight and stronger than most alloys.

3. This rifle does not hurt to shoot but has all the power you will ever need:
Beyond their beauty is a workhorse of precision. Using the 6.5 x 47 Lapua or the 6.5mm Creedmoor melted into a semi-auto platform produces amazing precision at any range. These calibers are fast and flat flying rounds. The ballistic benefit of the 6.5 calibers produce a very similar trajectory to the 300 Win.Mag. without the hard impact to your shoulder.

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2. Ever want to hit a dime at 100 yards or shoot as far as 14 football fields:
The Anvil semi-auto allows you to hit a dime at 100 yards and reach out to 1400 yards with minimal felt recoil. It feels like your shooting a 22 caliber but it has the same trajectory and similar power to a magnum force hunting round.

1. If you have fine taste and love precision:
If you are attracted to beauty, speed, precision and power then the Anvil semi-auto rifle by RTH Firearms should be added to your firearm collection. The RTH Firearms custom rifle delivers a level of performance combined with elegance that until now has yet to be seen in the semi-auto firearm industry. These newly released semi-auto rifles come-in three calibers: the 6.5mm Creedmoor, the 6.5×47 Lapua, and the Winchester .308.

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