A diamond studded Hermes Birkin bag with millions of dollars of jewels was stolen from an affluent Russian family while they were checking into their Emirates flight at Barcelona airport.

Luxury goods aren’t safe anywhere, not even in our hands right before our eyes! The Russian family at Barcelona airport will surely agree as they were in the center of a million-euro heist when they least expected it at an airport. Airports are busy yet have ample security, surveillance, and personnel making it a less ideal place for a heist, but that didn’t deter a duo from swindling a family at Barcelona Airport.

Louis Vuitton travel bags. (Image used for representation only)

The thieves allegedly looted a Russian tourist family by whisking away their Louis Vuitton bag containing jewelry and watches estimated to be worth over $9.5 million.

With 42 million passengers flying in and out last year Barcelona airport is one of the busiest in Europe.

According to the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalonian police force, the targets were calmly standing in a queue at the Emirates airline counter when their Louis Vuitton carry-on was swiped. The accessory, which in itself is expensive, possessed high-end jewelry and watches in addition to wards of cash, $22,000 to be precise. The list of valuables included an exclusive Hermés Birkin bag encrusted with gold and diamonds, a Chanel diamond brooch valued at around $850,000, a swan-shaped jewel valued at approximately $650,000, and a stunning 47-carat diamond ring valued at $4.5 million.

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A stitch in time saves nine-
In the blink of an eye the airport authorities and police officials sprung into action ensuring the thieves don’t get a significant lead. Within no time, the victims got their goods back. It wasn’t owing to any lucky stars but to Barcelona Airport’s stellar comprehensive video surveillance system, which pans over virtually every nook and corner. The footage led the officials effectively track the suspects who tried to escape in a navy blue Ford Focus rental car. The vehicle was intercepted on the AP-7 motorway, leading to the arrest of the offenders. In less than two hours, officials not only identified the vehicle, but they also intercepted it, and arrested its two occupants. It is indeed the stuff of action movies!

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