From posing on staircases to using handrails for splits – Residents in London’s posh Notting Hill locality are furious as Influencers are constantly taking photos outside their homes and damaging property.

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It is not like an influencer to simply allow a great backdrop to pass. They make complete use of the vista; pose, pout, preen, sometimes at a high cost to others. Notting Hill, one of the poshest locations in London, is quite the rage on Instagram (no thanks to influencers). Those who spend hours scrolling through their social media would instantly recognize the picturesque pastel-hued houses of Notting Hill and bundles of influencers making the most of homes that are not theirs. The West London district has gained a reputation as an affluent and fashionable area flanked by the most attractive Victorian townhouses and streets buzzing with high-end shopping and restaurants.

According to BBC, the owner of a particular bright pink Notting Hill house has suffered damage estimated at £2,000 (nearly $2400) thanks to being a beautiful home. 77-year-old Peter Lee stated high heels worn by models had cracked the doorstep of his west London home, and his railings had also been impaired.

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Lee, who has lived in the iconic pink townhouse in Kensington Palace for 44 years, has witnessed it all, from bundles of frolicking influencers using his home as a stage to some going all out with tents in hand for outfit changes. A video shared on the BBC shows an influencer caught on CCTV posing in the doorway of one of Notting Hill’s famous abodes.

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Lee told Hits Radio: ‘The tiles have been cracked by girls in high heels dancing up and down the stairs because they use it as a stage. I won’t have my tiles replaced with modern tiles. The old-fashioned tiles are much thicker than the new modern tiles, I’ve been quoted £2,000 to have them replaced with new ones, but I’m not going ahead with that.’ Lee is right in expressing his concern over strangers posing on his doorstep and doing splits holding the handrails. However, the man admitted that he doesn’t mind people using the house as a backdrop so long as they don’t cause any damage.

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Too much of anything can be tough to handle, including attention. Lee cried, “I often have to wait for them to vacate the doorstep. They are usually quite polite, but occasionally I have girls look at me, and they don’t move,” he said. “One time, there was this really big group. They had changing tents outside. They had two tents there. They take it in turns to sit on the doorstep. They left their bags there and left – they never came back.”

The modern world indeed brings along with it a contemporary set of problems! Recently a millionaire influencer from London revealed he intentionally parks his BMW illegally and happily pays thousands in parking tickets for the VIP space and convenience.

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