Karl Lagerfeld designs limited edition Diet Coke keepsakes

Karl Langerfeld obsession with Coke bottles is not unknown. But he has decided to ring in 2011 with collaboration with the company by designing a new assortment of Diet Coke bottles. The limited edition collectible autographed by Langerfeld, has been spotted in three designs, drawing inspiration from Diet Coke heroines- Bernadette, Eleanor and Irene.

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Bernadette’s romantic style can be seen through the lovely Polka dots, while Eleanor’s fashionable ways have been recreated with swishy swirls. Irene’s personality has inspired the third bottle to spot a rock drama. And Langerfeld used his high connections to arrange a photoshoot for an advertising campaign that will see Coco Rocha, Heidi Mount, and Jeneil Williams come together. The collection will hit stores in mid-2011.

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