Lucky catches indeed – Australian authorities have turned to Willy Wonka as they have released one thousand gold-tagged fish worth $10,000 each

The bushfires have caused a lot of losses, but it hasn’t taken away the spirit of mankind or the brains that run the world. In an attempt to lure tourists back to bushfire-ravaged areas, Victorian Fisheries Authorities have devised a plan that will instantly remind you of Willy Wonka and his golden tickets. The golden tickets are there and instead of chocolates, we have real fish. Making rehabilitation fun is a game in which One thousand fish will be released into Victorian rivers and lakes with bounties of up to $10,000 on offer in an attempt to lure tourists back to bushfire-ravaged towns. This is how it works- the first 10 people to report a ‘golden’ fish to the Victorian Fisheries Authority will take home $10,000. After that, all tagged fish caught will be worth $2,000 each. The Golden Tag competition includes only edible fishes like black bream, dusky flathead and King George whiting, Murray cod, brown trout, and rainbow trout. Each fish of these six species will be marked with a golden tag and will be available to catch in waters in East Gippsland and north east Victoria.

All those who are excited and ready with their fishing gears, the wait isn’t over as some towns are still facing the threat of serious flames. A date will soon be set and the competition will go on for a year. The competition is run by the Victorian Fisheries Authority and is expected to begin before Easter.

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