Nepia Chou Hana Celeb tissues to blow your posh noses

I have been sick the past few days and two things have been on my mind. First, sickness always makes me very thankful for my health. Second, where does this snot come from? My nose has been running so bad that I have realized that the ultimate necessity these days is – a box of tissues. However, I cannot get myself to blow in any shoddy kind of tissue. But Nepia has the perfect remedy for my cold as well as ‘brand name’ blues. The Nepia “Chou Hana Celeb” (Ultra Nose Celebrity) tissues are said to contain a high amount of moisture, as well as the perfume of verbena which is an herbal remedy and was used on Christ’s wounds after he was brought down from the cross. I’m blessed that my nose will get the same holy cure!

Each box contains 3-ply 450 sheets. They’re priced at $12 per box and they come in double sets only.

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