Noah Disaster Shelter is a personal pod to safeguard from nature’s odds

The recent Tsunami coupled with earthquakes shook not only Japan but also the whole of the world. And it also further fueled the paranoia of the world coming to an end in 2012. Surviving the catastrophe seems to be on everybody’s mind, and taking a cue, a Japanese company New CosmoPower has launched the Noah Disaster Shelter. Shaped like a pod, the shelter can accommodate up to four adults, and it has a pole for passengers to hold on to. While it’s resistant to direct impact and water, it won’t be able to protect you in case of fire. Its bright yellow color will allow for easy detection in the aftermath of an event. However, looking at the product may leave one feeling a bit claustrophobic, but hey, anything to survive, isn’t it? Priced at $3,900, it may well be your ticket to safety.


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