The world’s most expensive plectrum worth $7,800 is created by Timber Tones

We’ve earlier come across the most trivial of things, rendered an opulent upgrade, sell at high prices. The apt example to this is the Hello Kitty branded melon, mangoes from Japan, and a 24 Karat Gold Afternoon Tea. We now hear that plectrums have joined this list of opulence. Timber Tones, a UK-based firm specializing in manufacturing luxury guitar plectrums have created a one of a kind range called Treasure Tones, which includes models made of silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Of these, is the world’s most expensive – the platinum plectrum that comes with a heavy price tag costing about $7,800 (£5000).

The Treasure Tone plectrums inclusive of the platinum model from Timber Tones claim to be the finest guitar plectrums, those which have been handcrafted by one of UK’s premier goldsmiths. They have been hallmarked by Assay of London, which is one of the world’s oldest Customer Quality Guarantees.

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Like all Timber Tone plectrums, the platinum model comes in dimensions of 29.5mm length, 25mm width, and 2.3mm thickness, and a 2.5mm hole, positioned to allow use as a jewelry item.

Excluding the platinum model, the other plectrums in its series range from a slightly affordable £100 ($157) to an exorbitant £3,700 ($5,799) with additional charges for customizations.

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[Via – Timber-Tones]