This Dubai saloon is offering free hair cuts to all women who have lost their jobs in this dreaded pandemic

‘Invest in your hair; it’s the crown that you never take off’! The pandemic has forced many to give up a lot both personally and professionally. In such dire times when people have lost family members, friends, jobs, they won’t really pay much attention to how their hair is looking. So while you’re busy looking out for jobs, trying to make a better life in or out of Dubai, a Dubai-based salon called ‘That Hair Tho’ is stepping in and looking after your mane and more! That Hair Tho to help women who have been affected by the global pandemic by offering free haircuts for women who have lost their jobs, about to do a job interview, or are leaving the country in light of COVID-19. Whatever your plan of action, ‘That Hair Tho’ will give you that confidence and much-needed pick-me-up until the end of October. Ladies can choose from a haircut, wash, and blow-dry. Make sure you carry some evidence to prove your situation and be proactive to book slots as there will be no more than three appointments available every day.

That Hair Tho is located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, its manager Lucinda Gill states, “The free cut initiative is a way for us at That Hair Tho to give back to the community. With the current situation, a lot of people are losing their jobs and we wanted people to look and feel their best during these difficult times, giving a positive vibe and energy to those who need it right now”.

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[Via: The National]

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