Dubai police adds a McLaren MP4-12C to its grand fleet of supercars

The Dubai Police has one stunning line-up of the world’s best supercars and uber-luxury vehicles wrapped in white and green livery but strikingly it was missing a superstar in the multi-million dollar garage. We are talking of the McLaren MP4-12C which is undoubtedly one of the best supercars in the world currently and is engineered to perfection. Finally, Dubai Police has rightly inducted the MP4-12C into the long line-up that includes a Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin One-77 and a Lamborghini Aventador.

The McLaren MP4-12C was introduced on the authority’s official Twitter account, which simply read: ‘Dubai Police latest Super Patrol Car. The McLaren MP4-12C.’ The MP4-12C that joined the grand fleet is a coupe which is a bit of disappointment. The convertible version looks a lot better than its coupe sibling. The McLaren MP4-12C was introduced in 2011 and features a carbon fiber composite chassis, and is powered by a mid-mounted 3.8-litre V8, twin-turbo engine developing approximately 616 bhp. The pertinent question however might be that why does a police force need a fleet of supercars, but when in the city even undergrad students drive insanely fast and luxurious cars, the authorities need fitting wheels to keep things under control.

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