Sweeping views of the Arabian ocean and private infinity pools – The sky touching 70-storey Cavalli tower will set a new standard in luxury even for Dubai

The mercurial decline and climb of the Cavalli brand have shown us that anything can happen within a span of a few months. From filing for bankruptcy in early 2019 to being acquired by Dubai-based Vision Investment Company, owned by Damac Properties Group, in October of the same year, the Cavalli brand has indeed seen both ends of the spectrum. It is now in the spotlight once again in the form of an architectural saga of sorts- a $545m luxury Dubai tower to revive the luxury brand. The Cavalli tower will flaunt no less than 70-storey in Dubai Marina, scheduled to begin next year. Let us take a look at yet another grand addition to the extravagant Dubai-

Hussain Sajwani, affluent founder and chairman of Dubai-based Damac Properties, has set aside $545 million to revive his newly acquired brand Cavalli. He said, “I am committed to rebuilding the Cavalli brand, to relaunching it on key markets.” He continued, “We are ready to invest as much as needed.”

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The Cavalli Tower will redefine extravagant living as it will only have homes belonging to the luxury, upper luxury, and super luxury categories.

These opulent dwellings are lavish beach-facing apartments boasting it all from a private pool or Jacuzzi. These fancy apartments also include a literal Malibu Bay-inspired beach pool, complete with artificial sand and encompassed by greenery.

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In true Cavalli style, the interiors combine style, sass, and sophistication using precious materials. The striking interiors witness water features, such as a wall water fountain, are present throughout the building for a spa-like atmosphere.

The super-luxury category raises the bar of luxury to never-seen-before heights by providing residents access to a cigar lounge and a private pavilion that’s generous enough for lavish private parties.

The spectacular Cavalli Tower will take four years to complete, and the pricing for the Cavalli Tower apartments starts at over $530,000 for the most basic, luxury category.

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