Louis Vuitton celebrates the opening of the first pop up shoe store at level Shoe District, Dubai

level Shoe District opens up as the world’s largest shoe store in Dubai. Spread elaborately over 96,000 square feet, the store has accommodated 250 designers in 40 boutiques and four multibrand areas. The much awaited shoe store is open to welcome all who are keen to put their best foot forward. Louis Vuitton fans will be glad to know that the brand has opened a pop up shoe store within level Shoe District to display its stunning Autumn collection. Exclusively dedicated to men’s and women’s evening shoes, the store brings together a sophisticated range that has been especially chosen for the end of year celebratory period. The ‘pop up’ has been designed to create a classical and elegant setting staying true to Louis Vuitton’s desire to make each visit to the store an exceptional journey. Until LV opens their first permanent dedicated shoe store with a complete shoe shopping experience at level Shoe District, visitors can stop by at the Louis Vuitton pop up store which is open till mid of March.

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The store also offers services like Level Shoe Stylists who will provide a bespoke styling service for customers in store.
While the Level Shoe District Concierge Service provides the customers with any other assistance required in store, including Bookings of Services (level Shoe Stylists, Sole Lounge, Vogue Café & The Cobbler), collection of shopping and guest relations.
Sole Lounge by Margaret Dabbs also debuts out of London and into the level Shoe District to offer first class sole therapies with a difference – fusing health and beauty, and providing outstanding care that visibly transforms the feet.
The Cobbler, a purveyor of luxury men’s shoes from England, also offers traditional craftsmanship in the form of bespoke footwear, from dress shoes and oxfords to casual pairs.
Vogue Café also opens its first outlet in the region at Level Shoe District. It is located in the heart of the store, while a smaller coffee lounge is situated in the men’s section.
Level Concept Store by The Zoo offers an array of contemporary books, kitsch toys, quirky gadgets and one off accessories. Part art gallery, part retail space, with over 20 different global brands on its product portfolio, it also taps into Middle Eastern talent providing a launch pad for local and regional designers.

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