How do you make the most exclusive skateboard grip tape? Cut up a 4-figure LV bag!

The latest episode of Braille Skateboarding’s You Make It We Skate It aired on YouTube showcased some rather unique and fascinating content. A fan by the name jsk8er69 sent in a skateboard that he says he ‘dressed up’ using the leather (torn out) from his mother’s beloved… err… Louis Vuitton handbag! Clearly, this makes it the most expensive, luxurious and exclusive skateboard grip tape ever – notwithstanding the irony of the fact that the LV bag’s leather would barely have any grip to it!

Aaron Kyro along with a few others in the 20-minute video manage to perform almost all the manoeuvres and tricks (front side flip, board slide down) on the LV-branded skateboard – Except for when they try dropping into a bowl, of course.

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Luxury (or something like that) has clearly crossed all bounds with this new and hip skateboard draped in premium Louis Vuitton leather along with the signature monogram canvas pattern. And in today’s fashion-obsessed times, re-vamping a functional object like a skateboard by wrapping it with pricey material pilfered from the world of a big French luxury brand is quite a huge deal. What next?

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