Fancy a gold plated DJI Phantom drone?

Those who fancy tech- toys and Drones, in particular, are up for a delightful surprise. Popular UK brand, DirectDrones recently introduced a sleek new toy plane that is nothing like the ordinary. Coated in shimmering 24-carat gold and fitted with the best technicalities, the luxe new drone is a fancy little catch for those who can afford it.

Titles as DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition, it comes with a remote controller, a battery, a mobile phone holder, two complete sets of propellers, a propeller storage bag, a charger, gimbal clamp, 16GB SD card, and a carrying case. The fancy aircraft is capable of being flown at heights of up to 2,000m (6,500ft), quite unlike regular drones that can be flown( legally and otherwise) up to a maximum permitted altitude of 400ft. Inbuilt with a high definition camera of its own, the drone can capture stunning photographs and even sweeping shots seamlessly. Furthermore, it includes a list of novelties like the-TapFly that enables you to play it with a mere tap of the finger, the Smart return home functionality that allows the Phantom to avoid obstacles and make a safe landing, and precision hovering controls that maintain the Gold Edition’s height and keep it extremely steady.

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While the DJI Phantom 4 is no doubt stunning and above any drone you may have seen before, it comes with an obviously heavy price tag of $24,391. Nonetheless, if you have an overflowing stash or simply fancy toy- flyers, this gold plated drone is worth a buy.


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