Racing car beds are a thing of the past – This $25,000 limited-edition drone-shaped bed with LED lights and propellers is for future drone pilots

In case you’ve not heard of the Drone Racing League, or DRL, it is a global, professional drone-racing championship for FPV (first-person-view) drone pilots. I would suggest go check out its videos on the internet; the races involve exhilarating high-speed chases and mind-bending maneuvers while flying at speeds up to 80mph. To further popularize the sport, Drone Racing League has released a limited edition drone-shaped bed right in time for the holiday season. The bed with four propellers is said to be inspired by the flagship DRL Racer4 quadcopter that’s raced by the pilot in the current season. For decades we’ve seen brands like Hot Wheels and other toy manufacturers play with the idea of racing-car-themed beds that come with wheels, a steering wheel, and even spoilers. The drone bed by DRL is an indication of changing times.

The drone bed is available in two sizes: a twin bed version 2 meters in length, 0.9 m in width, and 0.7 m in height; and a wider full bed version that has a width of 1.3 meters. Made of MDF that’s coated in high-grade scratch-resistant furniture paint, the DRL logo features right at the front. The bed has four arms that stick out of each side, supporting the spinning propellers made from high-density foam. The arms are also lit with red-colored LED lights. There’s also an option to customize the bed with a TV mount at the foot for those who want to enjoy the drone races from the comfort of their beds. The drone bed comes with sleep masks that are designed to look like the First Person View drone goggles. However, things like a mattress, pillow, or themed sheets are not included in the package. Only a limited number of drone beds will be made, DRL didn’t specify the exact number. The made-to-order bed is available for purchase on the company’s website for $25,000 and will arrive approximately 2-4 months after the order is placed.

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