For $2 million, the price of a small London flat you can buy an entire Welsh village complete with 16 cottages in an Instagram worth location

What fans saw and loved on the hit television series Schitt’s Creek is happening is taking place in reality. If you want to own a town/village of your own like the Rose’s, then here’s your one chance. An entire Welsh village, including 16 cottages and knockout scenery, is on sale for $2.05 million. That’s a splendid deal as for this price one can barely get their hands on a decent London flat. The deal will bring its owners acres of agricultural land, wooded forest, a stunning mountain range for walking, climbing, mountain biking, and bird watching, in addition to the cottages. For someone who has dreamt of living life in the countryside surrounded by picturesque landscapes, freshest air, the Welsh village of Aberllefenni will get you nine two-bedroom cottages in the center of the village, four cottages on the outskirts, and another two-bedroom cottage in the adjacent village of Upper Corris as part of the sale. The 16 dwellings are tenanted properties, which amount to $95,600 as per Dafydd Hardy, the estate agent handling the sale. Surprisingly, the Welsh village set in the foothills of the Cader Idris mountain range, replete with history and rich with outdoor pursuits, has been on the market for more than four years without a buyer.

The New Year brings new hope, and Dafydd Hardy believes they will finally find a buyer for the village in 2021, saying, “The last sale fell through in November 2020, which was frustrating. It’s the complex nature of the package that’s on offer that causes all the hold-ups, but there’s only one way to progress with something of this nature, and that’s slowly.”

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[Via: Country Living]

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