Only in Dubai – The worlds first Bugatti-styled villas

So you are sitting in your living room, watching Skyfall on your 100-inch screen home theatre. An ad break comes, you reach out for the remote. You don’t flip channels, neither switch off the television set. You merely put it on mute, and turn your attention to the beautiful piece of four-wheeled wonder through a pane of clear glass. Your chest heaves in pride as you gaze upon the record-breaking super sports car Bugatti Veyron. This is not an enchanted dream. Keep a cheque of $10 million ready and fly Emirates, or charter, to Dubai. Luxury real estate developer Damac Properties launched the world’s first Bugatti-styled homes at the ongoing Cityscape Global Exhibition at the emirate being held this week.

ETTORE971 is a limited edition collection to be located in the Akoya Oxygen master development by Damac which overlooks the Tiger Woods designed Trump World Golf Club. The name is derived from Ettore Bugatti, French founder of the sports car brand and the international calling code of Dubai – 971. The home is designed to look like a contemporary designer’s utopia with curves and finishing matching the brilliance of the 1,200hp Bugatti Veyron. The car is the world’s fastest street-legal production car – and holds two records for this claim. The most enticing feature of the homes will be the indoor vehicle display area where you can do what I was telling you about. And yet again, Dubai becomes home to another first.
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