Alfa Romeo Stradale emerges with oomph!

Subsequent to a review regarding a Cyclepod-a compact concept for parking bicycles, we now update you with a compatible branded cycle to park it in. Alpha Romeo and Milan-based Compagnia Ducale SRL took a break from supercars to work on something a little more affordable. The Italian design house teamed up to produce bicycle range that has all the gloss and style of the world’s hottest sports cars. The result is a bicycle which introduces a new concept of combined sport, comfort and elegance. In total three individual types of Alfa Romeo bicycle will go on sale over the coming year, with the “Alfa Romeo Stradale” being the first. Veber Ferrari created the design with Wolfgang Egger, the chief designer at Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

The shape of the Stradale’s frame has been inspired by the dynamic arrow-shaped Alfa Romeo grille, a feature which has always been a prominent and important feature on Alfa Romeo models. Not only is the Stradale name evocative of legendary Alfa Romeos but it also intentionally suggests as to where and how the bicycle will be used: a bicycle for daily use on the street, however a product which provides great emotion to the owner. The Stradale bicycle made its international debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show back in February and again reappeared at the Festa d’Italia in Genk. The Alfa Romeo brand is well-known and synonymous of stylish sports cars. Renowned for both its engine and bodywork design, Alfa Romeo applies the same attention to its series of special sports bicycles. It weighs about 9.8 kg and comes standard with a bespoke red cover. The price is a decent $2,135 (1,690 euros). Owners of the Alfa Romeo Stradale bicycle so far include Sergio Marchionne, Lapo and John Elkann, Antonio Baravalle, a renowned Swiss Alfa Romeo collector, and a large Italian-based Alfa Romeo club.

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